8 Jun 2022 18:51

Turkey tries to help resume dialogue between Ukraine, Russia - Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey

MOSCOW. June 8 (Interfax) - Turkey keeps trying to help resume the dialogue between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, expressing willingness to provide platforms for such talks, Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar said.

"Today's meeting [between Turkish and Russian foreign ministers in Istanbul] was also aimed at finding common ground to promote these talks. What was said publicly suggests that they are looking more to communication between the sides, that there is readiness for possible resumption, and they declare readiness to assist in it, for their part," Bodnar told a briefing in the Ukraina media center on Wednesday.

"No specific steps toward this are being discussed right now, as it has to be clear what kind of conditions are expressed by each side," Ukrainian media quoted the ambassador as saying.

"The so-called land for peace theory doesn't work for us. And the Turkish side understands it very well and tries to find out the Russian side's position and assist in resuming this dialogue," Bodnar said.