8 Jun 2022 15:16

ENTSO-E approves gradual increase of Ukrainian electricity exports to Europe - Ukrenergo

MOSCOW. June 8 (Interfax) - Continental Europe transmission system operators have given a positive response to the Ukrenergo company's request to resume electricity exports from Ukraine, the Ukrainian media said, citing Ukrenergo.

"Ukraine's energy system is operating in trial emergency synchronization mode with ENTSO-E today. It means that export-import operations with European counterparties are not being conducted at the moment. However, both Ukraine and the European side are considering the possibility of gradually increasing export volumes in a way that will be mutually beneficial," Ukrenergo said on its website on Wednesday.

The Ukrainian company, for its part, views the start of electricity exports to European countries as an opportunity to ensure its additional liquidity on the electricity market and to generate additional profit.

In today's conditions, it is difficult for the Ukrainian energy sector to maintain its financial parameters that were before February 24.

"Bearing this in mind, the start of electricity exports may become an economically substantiated alternative to new loans and credits," the company said.

Meanwhile, exports of low-carbon electricity from Ukraine will help substantially enhance energy security in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, it said.

However, before starting to gradually increase the net export throughput capacity, it is first necessary to fulfill six technical conditions to receive approval from the Regional Group of the European Commission, the company said.

"Such measures are needed in order to ensure the stabile functioning of the joint grid and to boost the capacity to stifle low frequency oscillations," Ukrenergo said.

The company also said that it is now working and will continue working on introducing technical measures to shift from this trial run to constant synchronization and to launch full-fledged electricity exports from Ukraine.

As reported, the Ukrainian power grid and the ENTSO-E Continental European power system have been operating in a synchronized manner since March 16, 2022.

Ukraine is currently exporting up to 816 MW of electricity to Moldova and Poland by buying interconnection capacity between the states.