8 Jun 2022 13:11

Mass production of Russian LTE base stations to be organized in 2-3 years - minister

MOSCOW. June 8 (Interfax) - Mass production of Russian LTE base stations will be organized within two to three years, Russian Digital Development and Communications Minister Maksut Shadayev said during the government hour in the Federation Council.

"I believe we will organize mass production of Russian-made LTE base stations within two to three years and then we will go over to 5G base stations," Shadayev said.

In particular, assembly will be organized at the Yadro plant in Dubna, which is expected to be built before the end of this year, he said.

Many foreign manufacturers announced termination of their operations in Russia after the start of the special operation in Ukraine.

The current telecom equipment reserves formed by operators will last them 12-18 months "to keep up the infrastructure development rate that existed in the past few years," Shadayev said.

"Therefore, they have equipment, dozens of thousands of base stations are available in warehouses, and therefore operators will continue developing their infrastructures," he said.