8 Jun 2022 10:44

Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery begins production in Poland

MOSCOW. June 8 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian company HF Agro LLC has launched production lines in southern Poland, having established a full cycle of production of Gekon disc harrows, the company said in a statement on its website.

"Poland is a large and competitive market. This is also an opportunity to begin exports to other EU countries. The opening of the new production facility will improve our operations in the European market and will bolster the competitive edge of our products," Ukrainian media outlets said with the reference to the company statement.

The new line of Gekon disc harrow products does not require regular maintenance thanks to good bearing seals, which saves users' time, the company said.

HF Agro is an agricultural machine building brand founded by Roman Girshfeld, former Lozova Machinery president for tillage equipment, in 2020.

The brand offers reversible plows, disc, tooth, rotary and trail harrows, subsoilers and slot cutters, field cultivators and seedbed preparation units. The product range also includes a large selection of spreaders, applicators for liquid fertilizers and ammonia, grain packers and unloaders, and field rollers for soil compaction before and after sowing.

According to the register of legal entities and entrepreneurs, Roman Girshfeld is the only shareholder of HF Agro LLC.