8 Jun 2022 10:14

Constitutional amendments, approved at referendum in Kazakhstan, take effect

NUR-SULTAN. June 8 (Interfax) - The Kazakh Central Elections Commission (CEC) published official results of the constitutional referendum in national media outlets on Wednesday.

"The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Amendments and Additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan that was put to a nationwide referendum on June 5, 2022, is deemed to be adopted, as over a half of citizens who cast their votes in at least two-thirds of regions, cities with the republican status, and the capital, voted for it," the CEC said in an official statement.

The constitutional amendments take effect on the day the referendum results are formally published, consistent with Article 2 of the said law.

The article says that constitutional amendments, which regulate the adoption of constitutional laws and the activity of the Constitutional Court, will take effect on January 1, 2023. Meanwhile, the constitutional provisions that lay down a new procedure for empowering officials will take effect as the term of office of current officials expires. Until the Supreme Audit Chamber is formed, the Accounts Committee for Control over Execution of the Republican Budget will continue to exercise the functions and powers envisaged by laws of Kazakhstan.

Kazakh Central Elections Commission (CEC) said earlier that 77.18% of voters who took part in the June 5 referendum supported the proposed amendments to the Kazakh constitution. The CEC has estimated voter turnout at the referendum at 68.05%.

Most of the constitutional amendments put to the referendum aim to complete transition from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament.