7 Jun 2022 10:07

Over 77% of voters backed constitutional amendments in Kazakh referendum - CEC report

NUR-SULTAN. June 7 (Interfax) - The latest figures show that 77.18% of voters who took part in the June 5 referendum supported the proposed amendments to the Kazakh constitution, Kazakh Central Elections Commission (CEC) Chairperson Nurlan Abdirov said.

"A total of 77.18%, or 6,163,516 citizens who took part in the vote in all of the country's regions voted in favor of the constitutional amendments," Abdirov said at a CEC meeting on Tuesday.

He said that 18.66% of voters did not support the amendments.

"The referendum is considered valid," Abdirov said when announcing its results.

Kazakhstan held a nationwide referendum on amendments to its constitution last Sunday. More than 11.7 million eligible voters were registered ahead of the referendum in Kazakhstan, which has a population of more than 19.1 million people.

The CEC has tentatively estimated voter turnout at the referendum at 68.05%.

There was just one question in the referendum, namely, "Do you support the amendments and additions to the constitution, as defined by the bill on amendments and additions to the constitution, published by mass media on May 6, 2022?"

Most of the constitutional amendments put to the referendum aim to complete transition from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament.