6 Jun 2022 11:54

Ukraine sows agricultural crops on 91.5% of planned territories - Agrarian Policy Ministry

MOSCOW. June 6 (Interfax) - Ukraine has sown agricultural crops on 13.18 million hectares, which is 91.5% of 14.4 million hectares planned for being sown with spring crops, including 0.54 million hectares sown with crops over the past week (May 26 to June 2), Ukrainian mass media said on Friday with the reference to the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry.

A statement published on the ministry website says that, as of June 2, sunflower crops have been sown on 4.27 million hectares (87% of 4,93 million hectares planned for 2022), corn has been sown on 4.57 million hectares (94% of 4.85 million hectares), spring barley has been sown on 948,300 hectares (93% of 1.02 million hectares), spring wheat has been sown on 189,300 hectares (99.7% of 189,600 hectares), oats have been sown on 157,400 hectares (96% of 163,600), and peas have been sown on 130,600 hectares (89% of 145,700 hectares).

Meanwhile, potato has been sown on 1.11 million hectares (93% of 1.19 million hectares), soy has been sown on 1,190 hectares (95% of 1.25 million hectares), sugar beet has been sown on 182,100 hectares (88% of 206,900 hectares), spring rape seeds have been sown on 32,400 hectares (98% of 33,200 hectares), millet has been sown on 47,300 hectares (76% of 62,300 hectares), and buckwheat has been sown on 68,800 hectares (84% of 81,600 hectares).

According to the ministry, the areas under spring crops have reached 80.6% of 16.92 million hectares sown with crops last year.

In 2021, winter crops were sown on 7.7 million hectares, including 6.5 million hectares sown with winter wheat, 1 million hectares sown with barley, and 0.16 million hectares sown with rye.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said on April 20 that Ukraine would sow crops on approximately 14.2 million hectares, roughly 80% of 16.9 million hectares sown with crops last year.

The ministry said earlier that spring crops would be sown on 13.44 million hectares in 2022, as against 16.92 million hectares in 2021.

Deputy chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidential office Rostyslav Shurma said that Ukraine planned to collect at least 70% of last year's harvest in 2022.