2 Jun 2022 11:34

Karachinsky ceases being owner of IBS holding company, stake transferred to management

MOSCOW. June 2 (Interfax) - Anatoly Karachinsky, the founder of IBS, has withdrawn from IBS Holding LLC, which is the holding company of JSC IBS IT Services, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

The transaction was confirmed by the IBS press service. The statement received by Interfax says that Karachinsky has left the LLC and ceased to be a beneficiary of the IBS group of companies.

"The buyout of Karachinsky's stake in IBS Holding LLC was carried out by the operational management of IBS Group," the statement said.

Karachinsky owned 75% of IBS Holding. The remaining 25% are quasi-treasury shares.

As of June 1, Karachinsky's stake has been distributed as follows: Leonid Zabezhinsky received 33.31%, Lev Drozdov 33.3%, and Grigory Kocharov 8.4%.

Karachinsky has been under U.S. sanctions since April.

In May, IBS reported that he had stepped down from the IBS board of directors along with the company's former CFO, Yulia Yuhadi. Since then, the IBS board of directors has included four IBS managers - Kocharov, Drozdov, Zabezhinsky and Georgy Polikhronidi, as well as Alexei Krivoshapko of Prosperity Group.