31 May 2022 18:06

Kyrgyzstan suspends sugar exports amid growing prices

BISHKEK. May 31 (Interfax) - The Kyrgyz government has suspended sugar exports, the government press service said on Tuesday.

"The Kyrgyz government is imposing a temporary ban on exports of granulated sugar and raw cane sugar for a six-month period," the press service said.

The decision aims to prevent massive sugar exportation from Kyrgyzstan, to ensure national food security, and to keep market prices in check, it said.

The Kyrgyz State Agency for Anti-Monopoly Regulation has conducted monitoring in every region of Kyrgyzstan to prevent an unfounded growth of sugar prices. The analysis showed there is no sugar deficit in Kyrgyzstan yet sugar prices are growing.

According to the National Statistics Committee, sugar prices have gone up 10% in Kyrgyzstan since the beginning of May. The average price of sugar stood at 86.38 som ($1.04) on May 2 and reached 95.38 som ($1.14) on May 30.