25 May 2022 18:41

Assets of IDS Borjomi, Inter RAO structures, Belarusian Steel Works frozen in Lithuania due to sanctions

VILNIUS. May 25 (Interfax/BNS) - The funds and shares of 13 companies have been frozen in Lithuania because of the European Union's sanctions against Russia and Belarus, including the Vydmantai wind park of Inter RAO Lietuva group, IDS Borjomi Europe, and BMZ-Baltija, the official representative of Belarusian Steel Works.

According to Lithuania's Financial Crime Investigation Service, the funds of the Vydmantai wind park controlled by Russian energy giant Inter RAO have been frozen due to the connections that Inter RAO has to the Russian authorities.

Inter RAO Lietuva's funds and shares were frozen earlier.

The shares of mineral water company IDS Borjomi Europe have been frozen due to connections with sanctioned Russian businessmen Alexei Kuzmichev, German Khan, Mikhail Fridman, and Petr Aven, and the funds of metal products supplier BMZ-Baltija have been frozen over its connections to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the Financial Crime Investigation Service's latest information, around 62.8 million euros have been frozen in Lithuania due to the international sanctions on Russia and Belarus, 51.19 million euros, $12.1 million, and 285,000 Russian rubles in all.