25 May 2022 15:51

Tinkoff has sufficient capital and liquidity, ready for M&A deals

MOSCOW. May 25 (Interfax) - Tinkoff Group can make merger and acquisitions deals in terms of capital and liquidity and is ready to consider new proposals to purchase assets, Stanislav Bliznyuk, chairman of Tinkoff Bank's (SPB: TCS ) management board, said.

"From the point of view of access to liquidity, from the point of view of capital, from the point of view of all regulations, we are in a state to make some deals. There are certain points that we're studying in more detail. There are some that we've already studied, but have turned down. If there are new offers, we're also ready," Bliznyuk told journalists on the sidelines of the Association of Banks of Russia forum.

"We're essentially always in an M&A phase," he said.

Foreign players have approached the bank with offers to acquire their assets, Bliznyuk said, without naming these players or assets.

The specifics of Tinkoff Bank's business are such that acquiring banking institutions in particular is not profitable for the group, he said.

"We buy the portfolios of banks fairly actively," Bliznyuk said. Such transactions were carried out in 2021, and if there are interesting offers in 2022, the bank is ready to purchase credit portfolios, he said.