20 May 2022 11:19

Sberbank exits Okko, Zvuk, Cloud Technologies, STC

MOSCOW. May 20 (Interfax) - Sberbank entities are no longer shareholders of Okko, Zvuk and companies affiliated with them, or Cloud Technologies (SberCloud) and Speech Technologies Center (STC), the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) showed.

JSC Novye Vozmozhnosti, a firm controlled by Tatyana Portnykh, became the sole owner of Zvuk LLC, Kinofon LLC, Cloud Technologies LLC, Okko LLC, Okko Sport LLC and STC LLC as of May 17, 2022. Portnykh was at one time an agent of VTB Registrar.

"As part of updates to its strategy Sber is reviewing its equity participation in a number of assets. At present Sber is not a shareholder of the companies Okko, Zvuk, SberCloud, Evotor and STC. The deal was made on market terms. Sber will maintain partnership relations with these companies and will continue to implement joint marking and operational activities," Sberbank told Interfax.

Novye Vozmozhnosti, which has charter capital of 10,000 rubles, was established in March 2022. The company is registered at the Streamline Plaza office center on Shosse Entuziastov in Moscow. Its business is listed as consulting on commercial activities and management.

Portnykh has four other companies with similar businesses: JSC Aktiv, JSC Konsalt Grupp, JSC Ekspert and JSC Probiznes. They all have the minimum charter capital of 10,000 rubles and all were established in April-May of this year.

Sber Group acquired online streaming service Okko as part of the acquisition of Rambler Group from businessman Alexander Mamut. Sber acquired Zvuk in September 2020 and created the SberZvuk audio streaming service on its basis. The bank established cloud service provider SberCloud in October 2016.