18 May 2022 17:04

Moldovan govt rejects bill on permanent neutrality

CHISINAU. May 18 (Interfax) - The Moldovan government at its meeting on Wednesday responded with a negative conclusion to a bill on permanent neutrality proposed by the opposition bloc of Communists and Socialists.

The conclusion, which was published on the government's website, said the bill should not be passed by parliament because it could have negative consequences for national security.

The possible negative consequences of the bill are its impact on the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity, the restriction on the possibility of reforming and retrofitting the national security and defense sector, creation of preconditions for the isolation of the state from the international community, inconsistency with national interests and with resolving the strategic tasks of the country's development.

"Moldova's principle of neutrality is enshrined in the Constitution and is one of the fundamental principles of the activity of the Moldovan state. The form and limits of permanent neutrality stipulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova can be elaborated in the law. However, given the gaps and contradictions that exist in the proposed bill, the government deems it inadvisable to approve the reviewed bill in the submitted version," the government's decision said.

The opposition bloc of Communists and Socialists submitted the bill on permanent neutrality to parliament in late March. The ruling Action and Solidarity party and President Maia Sandu opposed the bill.