18 May 2022 16:07

Moldova plans to allow foreigners to help guard its borders

CHISINAU. May 18 (Interfax) - The Moldovan government on Wednesday approved draft amendments to the law on the state border, a step that will allow foreign and international specialized organizations to participate in guarding the Moldovan borders.

Moldovan Interior Minister Ana Revenco said at a government meeting that this measure stems from the need to enable personnel of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, to work on Moldova's borders with Romania and Ukraine.

Frontex representatives have already begun working in Moldova in light of the need to increase border control due to the situation in Ukraine, Revenco said.

"The proposed amendments are aimed at enabling Frontex personnel to function on Moldova's state border, especially on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, where they will help Border Police personnel," an explanatory note to the draft amendments said.

To this end, the Moldovan government has also approved a bill ratifying a Moldova-EU agreement, which will allow Frontex to assist Moldova in border management. The document will also have to be approved by the country's parliament.

In March, the Moldovan authorities signed a cooperation agreement with Frontex and discussed a plan of action, which allows the European agency to start joint patrols with Moldovan border guards.

Moldova shares a 681-kilometer border with Romania, and a 1,222-kilometer border with Ukraine, including the 955-kilometer land border and the 276-kilometer border along the Dniester River. As many as 444 kilometers of the Moldova-Ukraine border are located in Transdniestria, which Chisinau does not control. Ukraine has closed all crossings in this border sector.