16 May 2022 11:42

Energy strategy and mineral resource base strategy through 2030 to be synchronized, these figures to become KPIs in state programs - Rosnedra head

MOSCOW. May 16 (Interfax) - Ministries will synchronize the Energy Strategy of Russia through 2030 and the Mineral Resource Base Strategy through 2030, and the relevant figures will become KPIs in state programs, Yevgeny Petrov, head of the Federal Subsurface Resources Agency (Rosnedra), told Interfax in an interview.

Now more than ever it is clear that the technological priorities imposed by the West are a threat to the independence of Russia, he said, which increases dependence on foreign technology and supplies. An understanding has come that the country should develop its own agenda based on the peculiarities of its reserves and at the same time shape industry trends itself.

"Russia is rich not only in natural resources, but also in professional resources, we have many qualified specialists with fundamental knowledge, many good schools. In geology, our country is one of the leaders in scientific thought. Speaking diplomatically, we might say that we did not give proper attention to the development of Russian technologies. Domestic ideas often did not find support, did not develop to the level when they could become a part of the single service chain. There have been cases when Western companies took Russian unique developments and used them to develop their own high-tech services. Now we must build our own technological chains of services," Petrov said.

The natural conditions of Russia and its geography represent almost all of the planet's climatic zones, and the country can create equipment which will not fail under a wide range of temperatures and weather, the harsh geological conditions of Timan-Pechora, Western Siberia or the Far East. "By the way, technological development in the subsoil and space industries go hand in hand. It is not without reason that Roscosmos is engaged in the development of the hydraulic fracturing fleet - because deep in subsurface areas we deal with the same extreme temperature and pressure regimes as in space," Petrov said.

"On a national scale, the resource base should become the foundation for technological development, and the geological service of Russia should become the focal point of technological competencies. Advanced domestic developments from all spheres coalesce around subsoil use. Interagency work has also changed noticeably. Today, the Natural Resources Ministry and Rosnedra together with the Industry and Trade Ministry and the Energy Ministry are not simply updating the Mineral Resource Base Strategy through 2030, but linking it directly with the Energy Strategy through 2030. A single comprehensive document will be drawn up with detailed figures, powers, and stages - from state exploration of subsoil resources to licensing, production, exports, and state revenues. These figures will play the role of KPIs in state programs," Petrov said.