13 May 2022 18:38

No foreign drug manufacturers have left Russian market - Health Ministry official

MOSCOW. May 13 (Interfax) - None of the foreign companies manufacturing medicines used under the Russian high-cost nosologies program have left the Russian market, Yelena Maksimkina, director of the Russian Health Ministry's Federal Center for the Planning and Organization of Medicine Provision, said on Friday.

"Not a single foreign manufacturer has left the Russian market to date. Moreover, we have completed purchases for our patients for 2022 and are starting purchases, inter alia, for the 2023 and 2024 financing gap," Maksimkina said during debates at the Civic Chamber.

A considerable number of foreign-made medicines are still included and keep being included in the high-cost nosology program, she said.

"As part of the high-cost nosologies, where we have 11 orphan nosologies, we have only 15 of the 47 international non-proprietary names [INN] produced solely by Russian manufacturers, and 23 INNs are only [produced by] foreign manufacturers," she said.

Hence, no restrictions have been observed within the 14 High-Cost Nosologies program, Maksimkina said.