13 May 2022 13:16

Russia to create system to track pesticides, agrichemicals

MOSCOW. May 13 (Interfax) - The Russian government has approved a resolution to create a state information system to track pesticides and agricultural chemicals.

The rules for the creation and development of the new system were approved by a government resolution signed on May 7 and posted on the official website for legal information.

The federal tracking system will make it possible to improve control over the safe handling of pesticides and agrichemicals, Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Abramchenko was reported as saying by here press service.

"According to the FAO and the Russian Union of Producers of Crop Protection Chemicals, about 30% of chemical substances are illegally imported, counterfeited or unfit for use. Therefore, the emergence of a system for all agriculture is tremendously important," Abramchenko said, adding that the system will be called Saturn.

"It will ensure the traceability of pesticides and agrichemicals at all stages of their circulation and become an effective instrument in fighting counterfeiting," Abramchenko said.

Russian plant and animal health watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has been appointed to operate the new system. The agency will receive all the necessary information from businesses and organizations, as well as relevant federal government agencies, and analyze and process this information.

"The principles of the system's operation will be similar to the principles of the Mercury system already introduced in the veterinary field. The platform can process production and transport certificates in test mode from which a chain of electronic documents will be established. Rosselkhoznadzor has already begun testing the system and registering facilities subject to oversight where pesticides and agrichemicals are handled. Their number has already exceeded 200,000," Abramchenko said.

The system will make it possible to collect necessary information on the application of pesticides and fertilizers, which will have a positive impact on the domestic market and also on Russia's export potential, the statement said.