11 May 2022 13:26

Russia has enough buyers for its hydrocarbons, set to work with them - Lavrov

MUSCAT. May 11 (Interfax) - Russia has enough buyers for its hydrocarbons, and will be working with them, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"We have enough buyers for our hydrocarbons, we will be working with them, and will let the West pay much more than it paid the Russian Federation and explain to its population why it has to be poorer," Lavrov said at a press conference in the Omani capital on Wednesday.

Russia understands how to live on but will no longer rely on the West's ability to reach agreements, Lavrov said.

"We have a clear idea of how to live on. The main conclusion is that we should absolutely not rely on the West's ability to reach agreements in our plans," he said.

Lavrov also said that Moscow does not want war in Europe, adding that the West had declared the need to defeat Russia.

"If you are concerned about a prospect of war in Europe, we absolutely do not want that to happen," Lavrov said.

"It's the West that keeps talking about the need to defeat Russia in this situation," he said.

"You should draw the conclusions yourselves," Lavrov said.

According to Lavrov, the Western decisions hindering food supply are aggressive towards the global economy.

"These bans destroyed the convenient, comfortable supply chains that existed for many years in just one day, and the capacities of these chains are now practically paralyzed because of the Western stance. We view this as an absolutely aggressive policy in regard to the global economy, world trade, and all countries of the world," Lavrov said in response to a question about global food supply amid the events in Ukraine.