4 May 2022 15:45

Wildfire alert declared in 42 regions of Russia - Emergency Situations Ministry

MOSCOW. May 4 (Interfax) - Specialists of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry are monitoring the wildfire situation; a wildfire alert has been declared in 42 regions, and three regions have declared a wildfire emergency, the ministry press service said on Wednesday.

"As of this moment, 42 regions have declared a wildfire alert, and three have announced a wildfire emergency. Sixty-two wildfires are burning, but there is no risk to populated localities," the ministry said.

More than 70 buildings, including 15 homes, have been damaged by wildfires as of this date, it said.

Meanwhile, over 20 regions have reported flashfloods.

"Sixteen homes, over 450 subsidiary plots, 15 low bridges and 25 road sections have been flooded in floodplains in 23 regions. Transportation has been disrupted in 14 regions. Ferry service, fire security and essential supplies have been provided there," the ministry said.