29 Apr 2022 13:15

Novaya Gazeta. Europe says its website blocked in Russia

TALLINN. April 29 (Interfax) - The Novaya Gazeta. Europe online media outlet, established by Novaya Gazeta employees who left Russia, has reported the blocking of its website in Russia.

"Readers have told us it is no longer possible to open the Novaya Gazeta. Europe website in Russia. This is confirmed by the GlobalCheck service monitoring the blockings and accessibility of Internet resources. According to the portal, the website has 0% accessibility. The editor's office did not receive any warnings or letters from Roskomnadzor [the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media]. The website might have been blocked," the outlet said.

According to the Roskomnadzor universal service providing information about websites and webpages blocked in Russia, access to the novayagazeta.eu website was restricted due to a motion from the Prosecutor General's Office filed on April 26.

The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta said on March 28 it would stop publishing materials on its website, on social media and on paper after receiving a second warning from Roskomnadzor, which warned that it could result in the revocation of its media license.

"Soon after that, Novaya journalists had to leave Russia due to the actual ban on profession. They established Novaya Gazeta. Europe, which is not a branch of Novaya Gazeta but a de-jure and de-facto independent project," the statement said.

Interfax has asked Roskomnadzor for comment.