26 Apr 2022 13:48

Moldovan Civil Aviation Authority denies reports about closure of Moldova's airspace

CHISINAU. April 26 (Interfax) - The Civil Aviation Authority of Moldova has denied reports claiming the closure of airspace over Moldova.

The Civil Aviation Authority issued a statement after several media outlets reported that airplanes are bypassing Moldova's airspace within a radius of some 100 kilometers. In fact, Moldova closed its airspace at the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, but reopened a section of its airspace on March 21 to civilian aircraft from the direction of Romania, it said.

"Due to this, as well as due to the fact that Ukraine's airspace remains closed to civilian aircraft, civilian planes are not currently flying in the airspace of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, the situation surrounding the use of Moldova's airspace has remained unchanged since March 21, 2022," the Civil Aviation Authority said in its press release on Tuesday.

The Moldovan parliament imposed a state of emergency in the country on February 24 for 60 days and then extended it for another 60 days, starting April 25.