21 Apr 2022 11:26

Fines on Google over failure to remove fake info about special operation in Ukraine grow to 11 mln rubles

MOSCOW. April 21 (Interfax) - A magistrate's court in Moscow has found Google LLC guilty of another administrative offense, i.e. the reluctance to remove [from its platforms] incorrect information about the Russian special operation in Ukraine, on Thursday.

"[The court] finds Google LLC guilty of an administrative offense and imposes a 7-million-ruble fine on the company," a judge said.

Earlier on Thursday, a magistrate's court in Moscow fined Google 4 million rubles over a similar offense. The overall sum of fines imposed on the company over the failure to remove fake information about the special operation in Ukraine reached 11 million rubles.

The court said that Google was brought to administrative liability over the failure to remove incorrect information about the special operation in Ukraine, including fake information about fatalities among the Ukrainian civilian population and Russian servicemen, extremist comments on Russian citizens and the Russian administration, and calls for violence against them.