15 Apr 2022 17:23

Putin's whole year income stands at 10.2 mln rubles - declaration

MOSCOW. April 15 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin earned 10,202,000 rubles in 2021, slightly more than the 9,994,000 rubles from the previous year.

Information on the Russian head of state's 2021 income was published on the Kremlin's website on Friday.

The list of moveable and immoveable property, declared by the president, has remained invariable for many years in a row. It contains information on two apartments and a garage, 153.7, 77 and 18 square meters, respectively. The president also owns two now rare cars, a GAZ-M21 and a Niva, and a Skif car trailer.

Over the past five years, Putin's highest income was in 2017, declared at more than 18 million rubles, which was due to the sale of a 1,500 square meter land plot. 

The president's income is below that of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, who earned 18.3 million rubles in 2021. This is about 1.5 million rubles less than a year earlier.

The declaration of income of the prime minister and his family members for 2021 was published on the government's website.

"The amount is made up of the income at his main place of work and the income from the deposits of funds which Mishustin has earned previously," the government press service said.

Meanwhile, the prime minister declared 19.86 million rubles at the end of 2020.

The income of Mishustin's wife, according to the declaration, remained almost unchanged and amounted to 63.8 million rubles in 2021.

As in the previous year, Mishustin, his wife and his son still own a plot of land of 5,500 square meters, a residential house of 861.2 square meters and an apartment of 141.6 square meters. The wife of the head of the government also still owns a Ford Kuga.