15 Apr 2022 14:13

Kremlin calls work to transition trade with other countries to national currencies difficult

MOSCOW. April 15 (Interfax) - Russia will transition to trade with other countries in national currencies, this work is fairly difficult, and it is currently too early to talk about what kind of timeframe and what kinds of goods, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"Yes, without question, in line with the president's instruction," Peskov told journalists in response to the relevant question.

The president has given instructions "to work methodically and step by step, consistently, to expand the spectrum of the use of national currencies," he said.

"To give some kind of concrete timeline right now, on what groups of goods, when it will be possible to transition to the use of national currencies is incorrect. This work is sufficiently difficult, but the president's conceptual framework is fairly obvious," Peskov said.