11 Apr 2022 14:39

Denmark, Sweden resume issuing visas to Russian tourists

MOSCOW. April 11 (Interfax) - Denmark and Sweden have resumed issuance of all types of visas, including tourist visas, to Russian tourists.

"The standard time for processing visa applications from Russian citizens, who seek a visa, for instance, to visit their friends or families or who are tourists, is up to ten calendar days (the delivery period is not included), consistent with the visa liberalization agreement between Denmark and Russia. It is possible to apply for any type of visa, there are no restrictions," says a statement on the website of the VFS Global visa operator for Denmark.

According to the statement, Denmark has lifted all Covid-19 related restrictions: there is no need for PCR tests before or after visiting Denmark and there are no self-isolation requirements.

The Danish embassy in Moscow recommends that Russian tourists buy cash before travel.

"Given that Visa and MasterCard have suspended services to Russian banks, we strongly advise that cash be bought before travel in order to avoid difficulties during a visit to Denmark," the embassy said.

Sweden lifted all Covid-19 related restrictions on April 1. VFS Global visa centers in Russia resumed acceptance of applications for Swedish visas in Moscow and 18 cities. An application can be filed with the embassy only in exceptional cases.

According to the embassy, it may take longer than usual to process visa applications, considering that "many people wish to travel." In addition, VFS Global will offer a limited number of visa application appointments. A visa application can be filed from 14 days to six months before the trip.