7 Apr 2022 14:22

Russian Railways to restrict shipments to Poland from April 10

MOSCOW. April 7 (Interfax) - Russian Railways (RZD) plans to impose restrictions on shipments to Poland beginning on April 10 and until cancelled, according to RZD documents.

"In connection with infrastructure repairs in Poland, loading of all goods through the Mamonovo - Braniewo railway checkpoint in Kaliningrad region is prohibited from April 10 until the cancellation. This is being done in order to avoid the build-up of rolling stock and delays in the transfer of cargo passing through this crossing," RZD said.

In addition, Russian Railways has imposed restrictions on the North Caucasus railway's ferry crossing from the Kavkaz station from which exports to Varna are carried out from April 7 to April 16; and restrictions on shipments to the October Railway's Luzhskaya-export station from April 7 until cancellation.