6 Apr 2022 12:04

Google denies removing Russian govt agencies' websites from search results, looking into situation

MOSCOW. April 6 (Interfax) - The access of the Google search engine to a number of Russian government websites has been blocked, yet the company has not removed them from its search results, the company press service told Interfax.

"The Google Search access to these websites is now blocked. We have taken no action in regard to these webpages and are looking into the situation," the press service said in response to Interfax's enquiry why a number of government websites had dropped out of its search results.

Google told Interfax earlier they did not remove a link to the Russian Defense Ministry website from its search results. "Google Search has done nothing in regard to this website. It looks like the webpage is blocking our systems and preventing them from finding it. This is why the website does not appear in search results in certain cases," it said.

On Tuesday, the Russian telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor demanded that Google "immediately remove restrictions on the official websites of Russian state bodies in the search results and explain the reasons for their imposition."

Roskomnadzor said that Google had removed websites belonging to the Russian defense and interior ministries from search results in Russia.