1 Apr 2022 14:29

Record DDos attack in history, which lasted 145 hours, recorded in Russia in March - Kaspersky Lab

MOSCOW. April 1 (Interfax) - The number and duration of DDos attacks on Russian bodies of state authority, companies and media outlets increased considerably in February-March 2022, reaching their peak on February 25, Kaspersky Lab said.

"The number of DDos attacks continued increasing in Russia in March. Kaspersky Lab has registered 54% more attacks since the start of this month than in February. The peak was on February 25. The number of attacks increased almost eight times from March 2021," the company said.

The duration of attacks also increased considerably in the past two months.

"In February 2022, attacks lasted on average almost seven hours, and the longest attack lasted more than 90 hours. In March, the average duration of attacks was more than one day, lasting 29.5 hours. Besides, the longest attack in the history of observations was recorded: it lasted 145 hours, that is, a little more than six days," Kaspersky Lab said.

By way of comparison, experts said that incidents recorded in February and March 2021 on average did not exceed 12 minutes and the longest attack lasted no more than 1.5 hours.

"The traditional targets of attacks are bodies of state authority, financial organizations, educational establishments and media outlets. In March 2022, financial organizations, in particular, banks, were hit the hardest: their share in the total volume of attacks increased threefold, to 35%," the company said.

The pressure on the media has decreased, it said. Attacks on their resources accounted for almost one-third of all attacks in February, and now the indicators have gone back to the usual 3-4%, the company said.