31 Mar 2022 14:39

Global pharmaceutical producers looking for new partners to bring drugs to Ukraine

KYIV. March 31 (Interfax-Ukraine) - Members of the European Business Association (EBA)'s Health Committee are looking for new logistic partners to deliver drugs to Ukraine.

"The logistics of drug supply to Ukraine is a most sensitive and, unfortunately, uncertain matter. Most international transport companies refuse to go to Ukraine, which creates considerable difficulties for pharmaceutical exports to Ukraine and requires the search for new partners," the committee said.

Before February 24, 2022, most companies had a stock at warehouses in Ukraine, which was sufficient for 45-60 days, or even longer, it said.

"Seeking to maintain the stock of drugs and to meet patient demand at the proper level, the EBA has appealed to international logistic companies and is engaged in active communication to rebuild logistic chains and to deliver pharmaceutical products. We are also trying to draw into cooperation the companies that have not worked in this logistic sector before, as we realize the critical humanitarian need to guarantee the supply of drugs and medical products to Ukraine," it said.

The companies are not suspending operations in Ukraine, instead they are in contact with the Ukrainian Health Ministry, military administrations and volunteer organizations to grant requests and to give assistance, the EBA said. As of March 19, the overall assistance received from members of the EBA committee, including humanitarian supply of drugs to patients, neared UAH 1.296 billion, it said.

The EBA "hopes for a carefully considered policy of the authorities in regard to global pharmaceutical leaders and avoidance of extra tax pressure that would be unreasonable due to possible consequences for the Ukrainian market," the committee said.

"This kind of approach would demonstrate understanding of complex processes on the side of global pharmaceutical companies, including their review of the existent business risks in various markets," it said.