31 Mar 2022 11:25

Russia raises export quotas for nitrogen fertilizer

MOSCOW. March 31 (Interfax) - The Russian subcommittee for customs tariffs and nontariff regulation has decided to increase export quotas for nitrogen and complex fertilizers by 231,000 and 466,000 tonnes, respectively.

The quotas have been updated taking into account the balance of production and consumption of these types of fertilizer, the Economic Development Ministry said.

The Russian government introduced export quotas for nitrogen fertilizers and complex fertilizers containing nitrogen on December 1, 2021 as a measure to curb the growth of food prices. The cap on exports, in effect until May 31, 2022, was set at 5.9 million tonnes for nitrogen fertilizers and 5.35 million tonnes for complex fertilizers. Later the export quota for urea was increased by 280,000 tonnes taking into account the launch of new production capacity by Acron .

Russia also imposed a two-month ban on exports of ammonium nitrate on February 1, and the ban was extended this week until May 1.