31 Mar 2022 09:14

Abkhazia does not plan to join Russia - Abkhaz parliament speaker

SUKHUM. March 31 (Interfax) - The constitution of Abkhazia does not allow the republic to relinquish its independence, Abkhaz Parliament Speaker Valery Kvarchia said.

"South Ossetia's decision to possibly hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation is their sovereign right. It is the issue of the unification of the Ossetian people," Kvarchia told Interfax on Wednesday.

"The issue of Abkhazia's unification with the Russian Federation is not on the agenda. The constitution of Abkhazia absolutely clearly proclaims our country an independent state," he said.

"Russia is our strategic partner, a dear and close state, but the republic has no intention to join the Russian Federation," he said.

"The constitution of Abkhazia cannot be changed, including in terms of liquidating the independence of the republic," Kvarchia said.