25 Mar 2022 17:07

More than 60% of Russians say Ukraine events are most important ones that occurred over past week - poll

MOSCOW. March 25 (Interfax) - Almost two-thirds of Russians (62%) said the continuation of the special military operation in Ukraine was the most important and significant event to them that occurred over the past week, according to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), obtained by Interfax on Friday.

The respondents explained their interest to information on the special operation by its importance to Russia's security, sympathy and support for the Russian troops, importance of supporting the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, and also on the liberated Ukrainian territories, the poll shows.

According to FOM, the second issue on the rating of the most important and significant events of the week is the changes in the ruble rate (five percent) and the third issue is the new anti-Russian sanctions and temporary departure of some foreign companies from Russia (three percent).

The rating of the most important event of the past week also includes the Crimean Spring concert in Luzhniki, devoted to the Day of Reunion of Crimea and Russia, and also information on the payment of social benefits and pensions.

The results of the study showed that 27% of the respondents could not name the most important and significant event to them in the past week.

The nationwide poll was conducted on March 18-20. It surveys 1,500 respondents living in 104 populated areas of Russia.