22 Mar 2022 11:11

NSD receives funds totaling $65.63 mln to pay yield on Russia 2029 Eurobond coupon - Finance Ministry

MOSCOW. March 22 (Interfax) - The National Settlement Depository (NSD) has received the funds in order to remit payment on the coupon for the Russia 2029 sovereign Eurobonds, the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

The issue was placed in 2018 using NSD infrastructure.

"The Russian Finance Ministry informs that the funds for paying the yield totaling $65.63 million on the external bond loans of the Russian Federation maturing in 2029, for the period of March 21, 2022, have been received by the JSC National Settlement Depository," the ministry said in the statement.

Consequently, the Finance Ministry has completely fulfilled its obligations to service the Russian Federation's sovereign securities in accordance with the issuance documentation for Eurobond issues, the ministry said.