21 Mar 2022 14:07

Novak: All issues relating to disruptions in supply chains of oil from Russia currently being resolved

MOSCOW. March 21 (Interfax) - The refusal of the United States and Britain to buy Russian energy commodities has not affected Russia much due to the insignificant volume of such supplies, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said during a meeting with the United Russia party in the State Duma.

"We do not supply to England at all, and as for the United States, we supplied 3% of all our exports of oil and 7% of petroleum products exports," he said.

At the same time, the deputy prime minister said that Russia is facing new challenges related to disruption of logistics chains, insurance issues with respect to ships that transport Russian products, as well as financing and payment issues. "These issues are all being resolved at the moment," Novak said.

"We are currently in conditions where unfriendly countries are adopting a whole package of unprecedented sanctions," he said.

He said the sectoral sanctions had affected oil refineries, the supply of high-tech equipment for processing at refineries.

"We continue to ensure the sale of products for export, including gas and LNG, and petroleum products," Novak said. "I will not say that everything is straightforward; there are difficulties, which I have already spoken of, nevertheless, we and our companies are monitoring the situation" he said.