21 Mar 2022 11:28

Tyryshkin replaces Jacques Der Megreditchian as head of SPB Exchange board

MOSCOW. March 21 (Interfax) - Ivan Tyryshkin was elected chairman of the board of directors of the SPB Exchange on March 16 by decision of the board of directors, of which he has been a member since 2012, according to a statement from the exchange.

He had replaced Jacques Der Megreditchian, who led the board since May 17, 2019.

"Ivan Alexandrovich participated in creating the foundations of the country's modern financial market, heading a key department of the Federal Securities Commission - the department of regulation of professional securities market participants, and later, in 1998, serving as chairman of the board of NAUFOR, which was able to safely survive the default year of 1998, expand its operations and maintain its independence. At the RTS stock exchange, Ivan Tyryshkin was one of the founders of the FORTS derivatives market, and since 2012, he has been one of the ideologues and continues to be actively involved in the creation and development of exchange infrastructure, ensuring the liquidity of the SPE exchange securities market," the statement reads.