15 Mar 2022 15:03

Siemens to continue technical servicing of Sapsan, Lastochka trains under service contracts

MOSCOW. March 15 (Interfax) - Germany's Siemens will continue providing technical servicing of Sapsan and Lastochka trains in Russia under service contacts, the Siemens press service told Interfax in response to the relevant query.

"We are continuing existing service contracts in line with the norms and rules of export control, and are conducting further analysis of the situation," the press service said.

The family of passenger electric trains under the Lastochka name was created based on the Siemens Desiro platform for JSC Russian Railways. In Russia, Lastochka electric trains are produced by Ural Locomotives LLC (a joint venture between Siemens and Sinara Group).

The Sapsan is a high-speed electric train manufactured by Siemens, which Russian Railways purchased for operation on Russian high-speed railroads. They were developed by Siemens specifically for Russia.

At the beginning of March, Siemens announced the suspension of deliveries and work on new businesses in Russia. Siemens is assessing all the consequences of sanctions, the company said.