14 Mar 2022 15:23

Moscow lifts mask regime starting from Tue

MOSCOW. March 14 (Interfax) - The requirement to use masks inside buildings and on transport, the social distancing requirement and Covid measures at enterprises and in organizations are being lifted in Moscow, according to a decree issued by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

According to the decree, restrictions associated with the use of means of individual protection - masks and respirators - during visits to buildings and premises where goods are sold, work is done and services are provided to citizens, on public transport, at railway infrastructure facilities, in taxis, and on ordered transport carrying passengers and luggage, are lifted in Moscow as of March 15.

Anti-coronavirus measures at enterprises and in organizations introduced by the Moscow mayor's decree such as regular measurement of employees' body temperatures, installation of dividing walls at workstations, etc., are also lifted.

The requirement to observe mandatory social distancing is also lifted.

The decree lifts the restrictions on hookah smoking in restaurants, bars, cafes and other public places.

"This decision will also support businesses, which are under serious sanctions pressure as it is, in today's conditions," the Moscow mayor said in his blog.

The decision was made due to stable improvements in the epidemiological situation.

The mask regime was put in place in Moscow in spring 2020 to contain the coronavirus spread.