11 Mar 2022 20:54

Almost 1,000 Ukrainian troops killed in fighting in Donbas - DPR

DONETSK. March 11 (Interfax) - Almost 1,000 Ukrainian troops were killed and almost 1,150 were wounded in the fighting in Donbas, Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), People's Militia official Eduard Basurin said.

"The enemy's losses since the start of the special military operation are as follows: the 95th Separate Air Assault Brigade - 73 troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces killed and 93 wounded; the 25th Airborne Brigade - 55 killed and 89 wounded; the 56th Motorized Brigade - 85 killed and 116 wounded; the 54th Mechanized Brigade - 125 killed and 135 wounded; 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade - 253 killed, including brigade commander, and 234 wounded; the 36th Separate Marine Infantry Brigade - 223 killed and 256 wounded; the 12th Separate Operative Brigade -165 killed and 211 wounded," Basurin told reporters on Friday.

As a result of a clash within the city line of encircled Mariupol, the enemy retreated "to the territory of City Hospital No. 9, located at Gagarina Street 114/116, where the birthing unit is also located," he said. The enemy lost up to 30 people in the street fighting in Mariupol, he said.

Twenty-five attacks were registered in the DPR and three civilians were wounded in the past 24 hours, Basurin said.