11 Mar 2022 16:07

Kremlin insists on resolving problems of NATO infrastructure's advancement toward Russian borders, Ukraine's actions in Donbas

MOSCOW. March 11 (Interfax) - Russia believes there is a need to find solutions to the problems of the NATO infrastructure's advancement toward Russian borders and Ukraine's actions in Donbas, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"There is a need to find a solution to these two issues. To resolve these two issues, Russia has formulated concrete demands, this time around for Ukraine, and they've been communicated. As far as we know, these demands are being discussed between the Ukrainians and their advisors, primarily those from the United States and from European Union countries. This is precisely what should be done, and then everything will be ended," Peskov told journalists on Friday.

Russian President Vladimir "Putin has said repeatedly that, over the past eight years, we've tried to prompt our Western counterparts to exert influence on Kyiv and make it stop killing its own people in Donbas and start implementing the Minsk Agreements," he said.

"Also, for several decades, our country has been drawing the attention of our counterparts to the fact that we feel in danger because of their advancement along with their infrastructure toward us. We don't like that, we feel in danger, and we can't close our eyes to this. Why were you doing that? No answer. We were simply presented with a fait accompli," he said.