10 Mar 2022 14:37

Kremlin sure gaps in Russian market to be filled by companies not at economic war with Russia

MOSCOW. March 10 (Interfax) - It is only natural that Russia's investment appeal has dropped because of the sanctions, but gaps in the Russian market will be filled by other companies, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"In conditions of economic war, and it is an economic war that has been waged against us, the investment appeal to those who are on the side of this war, of course, becomes a matter of the second, third or fourth order. At the same time, the appeal remains for countries which are not at economic war with us, and there are plenty of such countries," Peskov said in response to a question about the risk to Russia posed by harsh Western sanctions.

"The market abhors gaps," Peskov said. "If any gap occurs, it is filled by other actors, sooner or later, or as time passes."