9 Mar 2022 18:44

Russian Baltic Fleet conducts chemical spill drill

MOSCOW. March 9 (Interfax) - The Baltic Fleet's Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection (RKhBZ) troops cleaned up the aftermath of a man-made disaster at a chemical facility during an exercise.

"The RKhBZ units practiced the decontamination and degasification of an area, equipment, weapons and facility in a mock contamination zone and cleanup of the aftermath of a man-made disaster," the Fleet stated on Wednesday.

On arriving at the zone, the units surrounded the mock contaminated area and put out degasification and decontamination posts on the roads. The crews of Radiological and Chemical Reconnaissance vehicles organized monitoring of the environmental condition, the Fleet said.

"For attainment of the objectives, the RKhBZ units used specialist equipment in active service: radiological and chemical reconnaissance vehicles, automotive labs with equipment which transmits collected data automatically to the Fleet's staff," the statement said.

The drill was part of a routine field exercise, the Fleet said.