8 Mar 2022 23:33

Ban on imports of Russian energy to negatively affect U.S. companies, consumers - Russian embassy

MOSCOW. March 8 (Interfax) - The Russian embassy to the United States has warned in a commentary that the ban on imports of Russian energy would have a negative effect on interests of companies and consumers in the U.S. itself.

"The rejection of our resources will also lead to major volatility on global energy markets and will negatively affect the interests of companies and consumers, primarily in the U.S. itself," the embassy said.

"Russia has alterative destinations to supply our high-quality and competitive products. It is about time for the American side to realize the illusiveness of attempts to dictate its will and force us to stop defending our national interests with the use of a sanction stick," it said.

"The U.S. sanction pressure on Russia went beyond all sensible political and economic boundaries a long time ago," and the past several weeks have demonstrated this absolutely clearly, it said.

"Washington's decision today to ban purchases of oil, petroleum products, natural gas, and coal from Russia falls into the same category. The objective is to demonstrate its readiness to sacrifice its own interests to deal an even more painful blow to our country. As usual, the U.S. didn't care that restrictions are always a double-edged weapon. Ordinary Americans are experiencing growing prices for gasoline, electric energy, and heating, and they will suffer even more with the imposition of new sanctions," the embassy said.