8 Mar 2022 11:42

Western sanctions not to change Russian foreign policy

MOSCOW. March 8 (Interfax) - The sanctions pressure cannot change Russia's foreign policy, Alexander Darchiyev, director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's North America Department, said.

"We have proved that we are capable of minimizing damage with all sanctions costs, reorienting to the domestic market and trade partners from third countries, and also considerably reducing dependence on the dollar, which is constantly losing its dominating positions in the global financial system. And the more so, the sanctions pressure cannot make us change our foreign policy and, unlike the allies and clients of the United States, sacrifice at least a small part of national dignity and sovereignty," he said in an interview with Interfax.

Russia is capable of holding any pressure, Darchiyev said. "We understood very well and we prepared for having to rely on ourselves," he said.

"Despite Washington's sanctions efforts, we will stand and we will become even stronger, making our economic system truly independent," he said.