8 Mar 2022 06:53

Russia may stop publication of materials on scientific developments in Web of Science, Scopus

MOSCOW. March 8 (Interfax) - The Russian government is considering the possibility of lifting the requirement on Russian organizations involved in state projects to have materials published in foreign scientific publications, the office of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said.

"The government plans to lift the requirement to have publications in foreign scientific publications included in the quotation systems Web of Science and/or Scopus in the implementation of federal projects and programs, and also state assignments for scientific research," Chernyshenko's office said on Monday.

The deputy prime minister has ordered the Education and Science Ministry to promptly put in place its own system for evaluating the effectiveness of scientific research, it said.

The English-language platforms Web of Science and Scopus are the most quoted and prestigious for the publication of articles on scientific developments and research. All materials are published there on a commercial basis, which is why the issue of the need to develop domestic publications has been raised in the Russian scientific community more than once. The issue gained significance after the imposition of sanctions against Russia in retaliation to the "special military operation" in Ukraine, which, among other things, affect technological cooperation with the Western countries.