8 Mar 2022 06:43

Pressure on scientists who are in conflict area in Ukraine is unacceptable - Russian Academy of Sciences

MOSCOW. March 8 (Interfax) - Presidium members of the Russian Academy of Sciences have asked the scientists of all countries of the world to ensure the safety of scientists who are in Donbas and Ukraine, as well as scientific, educational, medical and cultural establishments.

"We believe it is extremely important to achieve cessation of hostilities and prompt peaceful settlement through negotiation. We have serious fears about people's life and health, including of our colleagues, scientists, who are in the military action area on the territory of Donbas and Ukraine," presidium members of the Russian Academy of Sciences said in their address published on the Russian Academy of Sciences site on Monday.

The Russian scientists also said in their address that political pressure on scientists is unacceptable.

"We encourage our colleagues from all countries of the world, national academies of sciences, international and national scientific associations, and also our other partners in the scientific and educational space to refrain from positions and actions dictated by the political situation and the acuteness of the situation, not interests of science. We believe that any attempts of political pressure on scientists, faculty members, students and discrimination based on ethnic origin or citizenship are unacceptable," the address said.

The Russian Academy of Sciences presidium members spoke for resumption of scientific diplomacy and solution of military conflicts.