7 Mar 2022 23:23

Russian military cooperate with Ukrainian specialists at Zaporizhzhya NPP - Novak

MOSCOW. March 7 (Interfax) - Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak has dismissed "fake" reports about Russian attacks on the nuclear power plant (NPP) in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.

"I would also like to comment on the situation around the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Today there is a lot of fake noise about Russian Armed Forces attacking Zaporizhzhya NPP. Once again I want to stress: Russia has nothing to do with it," Novak said on Rossiya-24 television on Monday.

"This is simply not true. The Russian troops are working together with the plant's Ukrainian specialists. We maintain constant contact with the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency], inform their leadership and are ever ready to provide technical support to the Ukrainian specialists in servicing the NPP," Novak said.

"Moreover, we have information about a plot [to stage] a provocation on Ukraine's GTS [gas transmission system], specifically against its gas-pumping stations. I want to warn in advance: this is extremely dangerous, Russia is not interested in this, we are doing everything we can to prevent this," Novak said.