5 Mar 2022 18:09

Aeroflot suspending all foreign flights except Minsk from March 8

MOSCOW. March 5 (Interfax) - Aeroflot is suspending all foreign flights except to Minsk in Belarus from March 8, the Russian flagship carrier said in a statement.

The cancellation applies to international destinations in the schedules of Rossiya and Aurora airlines flights SU5400-5799 and SU5950-6999, respectively.

The airline has taken the decision "in connection with the occurrence of additional circumstances that impede the performance of flights."

"To mitigate the risks for its passengers of not being able to use return flights to Russia, Aeroflot, starting from March 6 at 00:00 Moscow time, will stop admitting passengers to international flights who have tickets for round trips with a return date to Russia after March 8, 2022. Passengers of international flights with one-way tickets departing Russia will be accepted for transportation until flights are terminated," Aeroflot said.

Passengers booked on canceled international flights can get a full refund of the ticket price.

"Passengers of international flights who are abroad and have return tickets with a used flight segment from Russia can apply to the carrier to rebook the return segment to Russia until flights are terminated. For passengers who will remain abroad by the time of flights are terminated, the airline will make every effort to organize their return to Russia,

Aeroflot flights on the route network within Russia will continue, with the exception of cities in the central and southern regions of the country, where operations are restricted by Rosaviatsia.

Rosaviatsia on Saturday recommended that Russian airlines suspend all international flights from March 6 amid mass seizures of aircraft abroad. These restrictions do not affect airlines that operate aircraft with foreign or Russian registration, "and there is no risk of seizure or impoundment." They also do not affect foreign airlines of countries that have not joined sanctions and have not restricted air traffic with Russia.