5 Mar 2022 18:07

Sanctions imposed by London to lead to undermining of British interests in Russia - Russian Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. March 5 (Interfax) - The sanctions policies of the United Kingdom leave Moscow no choice but to take tough retaliatory measures, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The sanctions frenzy, in which London plays a leading, if not the main, role, leaves us no choice but to take retaliatory proportionate tough measures. Their result, undoubtedly, will be the undermining of British interests in Russia. London did enough for that in the past few days," according to a report published on the Russian Foreign Ministry site.

The comprehensive nature of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom and "the hysterical statements by this country's officials" indicate that London has finally chosen open confrontation with Russia, the ministry said.

Moscow will not forget the statements by the UK's administration on its intention to "stifle" the Russian economy and that London will not calm down until it reaches this goal, and also the sending of weapons to Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry also said British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss "is calling on her compatriots to go to fight for Ukraine, and calls are being made in the House of Commons to send all Russians outside Britain."

"We closely follow such rhetoric. We are drawing the necessary conclusions. We will not tolerate the Anglo-Saxons' attempts to interfere in the internal political processes in our country, to destabilize the situation, to cultivate values that are foreign to us," the ministry said.