5 Mar 2022 17:54

FSB officials detain administrator of Ukrainian radicals' online communities in Ryazan region

MOSCOW. March 5 (Interfax) - The Russian Federal Security Service has reported the detention in the Ryazan region of a supporter of Ukrainian radicals who administrated their Internet channels.

"The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in the Ryazan region has detained a Russian citizen, born in 2004, a supporter of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi young people's group M.K.U. He is involved in the administration on the orders of its leader, Ukrainian citizen Yegor Krasnov, of radical online communities, propaganda of the ideology of ultra-violence, and the recruitment of Russian young people in extremist and terrorist activities," the Federal Security Service's public relations center said.

Communication devices containing a considerable amount of neo-Nazi propaganda materials were seized from his residence.

A procedural decision is pending, the public relations center said.

M.K.U. (Russian initials for Maniacs. Cult of Killers) is a radical neo-Nazi community created by Krasnov.

A criminal case has been opened against Krasnov based on the article of the Russian Criminal Code dealing with the organization of an extremist community, the public relations center said. Krasnov was earlier put on the international wanted list in Russia in connection with a murder case.

The Federal Security Service has recently repeatedly reported on the detention of the radicals' supporters in the Russian regions . According to the special service, some of them were preparing terrorist attacks.