5 Mar 2022 14:12

Russians spending more on March 8 gifts - poll

MOSCOW. March 5 (Interfax) - The average Russian is planning to spend 2,700 rubles on flowers for International Women's Day on March 8, which is approximately the same as last year, the Research Center of the SuperJob.ru web portal said in a statement seen by Interfax on Saturday.

People earning 80,000 rubles or more per month will spend more than others (3,700 rubles per bouquet), as against 3,600 a year ago, the pollster said.

As for age groups, people aged from 25 through 34 will be the biggest spenders, with 3,200 rubles per bouquet, compared to 2,800 rubles in 2021, SuperJob.ru.

Russians will increase their spending on other March 8 gifts as well. The pollster said that the average spending on gifts would reach 4,000 rubles, vs. 3,100 in 2021.

The biggest spenders will be people with a monthly income higher than 80,000 rubles and people younger than 24: they will spend 4,500 rubles and 4,300 rubles, respectively. The respective spending stood at 3,600 rubles and 3,200 rubles last year.

SuperJob.ru polled 10,600 economically active respondents aged 18 and up planning to buy March 8 gifts and flowers in 401 populated localities in all Russian federal districts on February 27 - March 3, 2022.